domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

the thoughts "all night stand" 1966

In 1966, Peter joined a band called The Thoughts, who had originally recorded as the backing vocals for Tiffany(Tiffany's Thoughts). In this guise, they released two singles on Parlaphone Records called "I Know" and "Find Out What's Happening". They also backed other local bands such as Paul Dean, and Johnny and John. In 1966, they switched to Planet Records and made their debut as 'The Thoughts' with "All Night Stand". A comparatively risque single for the times, the A-side was a Ray Davies composition, produced by Shel Talmy. Along with Alan Hornby on bass, Phil Boardman on lead guitar, Dave Croft on drums, and Peter himself on guitar and vocals, they released 'All Night Stand' on September 30, 1966.

Thoughts - All Night Stand
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