domingo, 8 de fevereiro de 2009


SteGreenall (4 meses atrás)

And yes Malcolm I hear you..and I believe in your cause.

One of the BEST albums ever made...must dig it out. Incidentally, my copy has extended remixes of Ed and Driving Away.....was that a normal issue, or have I got a colector's item.

Serve it up (chalk it up)

For me, the most memorable It's Immaterial song was the bold and brassy follow-up "Ed's Funky Diner", which just about peeked its brow above the brim of the Top 75 before diving under again. Its failure is utterly mysterous. Radio One loved it, and throughout the summer of 1986 it could be heard all through the daytime on programmes as varied as the Breakfast Show, Steve Wright's afternoon sessions and even the Radio One roadshow (I used to have an off-air recording of this being played to almighty cheers in Brighton). It had an insistent chorus, imaginative but simple lyrics about a run-down, neon-festooned diner which instantly brought the place to life as you listened, and is one of the more memorable tracks of summer 1986. One can only imagine a lot of heads must have been scratched at Virgin HQ at the time.

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Anónimo disse...

Ganda música esta!
Até o 'Fat Boy Serrano' num se atreve a dizer que num gosta disto e muito menos o 'Muttley Giconalogista'!!!
Anda mula! Aguenta... Ariops!